Meal Kit Recipe: Spicy Garlic Ramen

Meal Kit Recipe: Spicy Garlic Ramen

July 13, 2020 | Holly Mansfield

Fancy restaurant quality ramen at home? This noodle dish is made with a spicy garlic chicken broth, and topped  off with a shichimi togarashi topping.

What you'll need

• Kabuto Spicy Garlic Ramen Meal Kit (Contains: 2 x ramen noodle nests, 1 x spicy garlic stock paste, 1 x Shichimi Togarashi topping)

• 1-2 cooked chicken breasts, thinly sliced

• 1 pak choi, thinly sliced

• A handful of beansprouts and bamboo shoots

• A few chopped spring onions

• A sprinkling of coriander

Feeling adventurous? Try adding:

• Any Asian greens, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms or baby corn

• Cooked prawns instead of chicken

• A chopped fresh red chilli for extra heat


1. Add stock paste to a large saucepan, dissolve in 1 litre of boiling water and simmer gently.

2. Add both noodle nests and sliced pak choi to simmering stock for 3 minutes (ensuring noodles are fully submerged).

3. Pour contents of pan into 2 bowls, top with cooked chicken, beansprouts and bamboo shoots, finish with chopped spring onions, coriander and Shichimi Togarashi topping.

4. Now it’s time for the best part: eat like a Samurai.



Our Meal Kits are available to buy at Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Tell us what you think and what ingredients you’re adding to your dishes.

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