Recipe: Black Cod & Samphire Ramen

Recipe: Black Cod & Samphire Ramen

July 31, 2020 | Holly Mansfield

Recipe created for Kabuto by Jon Finch

I absolutely love this dish. So fresh with an ozone hit of the ocean and the lime and yet at the same time full of rich, satisfying umami flavours.

The cod will generally want to stick to your grill (especially as it is glazed) so give your BBQ a bit of love before you start cooking. Get the grill nice and hot to burn off any residual crud from last time you used it, give it a robust scrubbing with a wire brush, then using a piece of kitchen roll held in some tongs give the grill bars a generous coating with oil. A fish basket can make life a little easier if you have one.

Bringing the ocean into a bowl of ramen. Full of rich, satisfying umami flavours.


What you'll need

1 x Kabuto Chilli & Lime Leaf Ramen Kit

2 skinless cod loins or monkfish tail fillets

100g or so of samphire

For the glaze:

25ml honey

25ml soy sauce

25ml mirin

3 tbsp miso paste

For the garnish:

Red chilli, thinly sliced

Fresh coriander

Coconut & lemongrass topping included in the ramen kit

Aonori seaweed flakes

Freshly squeezed lime juice


A few hours before you plan to eat, mix together the glaze ingredients in a small bowl.

Place the fish and the glaze mixture into a ziplock back, squeeze the air out then seal and place in the fridge.

Set up your BBQ to grill directly at a medium heat

Whilst the BBQ gets to temperature, mix up the ramen broth and leave on a very gentle simmer until you are ready to use it

Gently place the fish on the grill and cook for a few minutes on each side until slightly charred and cooked through. (Resist the temptation to move it around as it cooks – the only time you should be touching it is to flip it over once. You’ll need a fish slice or burger flipper for this.

When the fish is cooked, set aside, loosely tented under foil to keep warm

Plunge the samphire into the simmering broth for 60 seconds to soften then remove and set aside

Cook the noodles then add to bowls along with the broth, samphire and cod fillet

Garnish with thinly sliced chilli, fresh coriander leaves, a squeeze of lime juice and a sprinkle of aonori seaweed flakes.


Samurai Top Tip – By all means, if you prefer, substitute the cod for monkfish fillets as they are more robust and can withstand being moved around on the hot grill a little more than cod.

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