Recipe: Vegetable Laksa Protein Crunch

Recipe: Vegetable Laksa Protein Crunch

September 25, 2020 | Holly Mansfield

A nutritious addition to enjoy your pot on the go, with extra protein and a satisfying crunch.

This recipe uses a pot of Kabuto Noodles Vegetable Laksa.


What you'll need

1 Kabuto Noodles Vegetable Laksa Pot

A handful of cashews or almonds (preferably toasted)

A tablespoon of coriander leaves, roughly torn


Boil the kettle for your Kabuto Vegetable Laksa, and pour over the water. Replace the pot lid and leave to stand for 3-4 minutes. Stir well and leave for a further minute.

Finish with a handful of roasted cashews or toasted flaked almonds, and a handful of coriander to garnish.


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