7 Ways to Press Pause Throughout Your Day

7 Ways to Press Pause Throughout Your Day

August 10, 2022 | Holly Mansfield

Press Pause and Take Stock

We have partnered with wellness and lifestyle blogger Eleanor Louise Haigh to put together a bunch of tips to help you #TakeStock and give yourself a moment of self care, because we all know how important it is to indulge in a little bit of 'me-time'.

7 Ways to Press Pause throughout your Day

Like many I have spent a lot of time over the last year adapting my daily habits and routines and feel incredibly fortunate that by being forced to slow down and pause, I have found ways to prioritise my wellbeing and self care that work with my lifestyle and its demands.

Slow Things Down

When it comes to my weekends I like to ensure I am getting a mix of rest and relaxation alongside making the most of the time I have with my friends and family.  I like to slow it down a little. 

Tip #1 - Stay off Social Media in the Morning

I’ve switched away from using my phone as an alarm and invested in a daylight alarm clock - meaning I wake up more naturally and don’t immediately reach for my phone first thing. Even at the weekends I set my alarm as I find keeping my waking time similar throughout the week ensures I have a much better sleeping pattern.

Even if you don’t want to set an alarm at the weekend then try staying off your phone for as long as possible first thing - you may find even an extra 15 minutes is enough to allow you to wake up more gently and in a much better mood!

Tip #2 - Daily Gratitudes 

Each morning I sit down with my journal and spend no more than 10 minutes going through a series of prompts to help focus my mind and energy for the day.

Journaling is incredibly personal process, depending on what you are looking to achieve however taking 5 minutes in your day to stop and write down some thoughts is a powerful tool for checking in with yourself. 

Tip #3 - Make a Moment out of Breakfast

During the week I am pretty consistent with my breakfast of choice (protein porridge & berries if you’re interested!) however at the weekend I like to switch things up and really create a moment out of breakfast. 

My husband and I have breakfast together and it is one of my favourite parts of our weekend, especially as we don’t get to do it during the week. We may heat up some pastries, make pancakes, or even head to our favourite cafe for a real treat.

Tip #4 - Weekend Walks

When it comes to the weekend I am more relaxed about my workouts, however I still like to move my body and have really come to enjoy our weekend walks as a way of getting some exercise into my day.

We try to find a new spot each week and head out early to go explore. Living on the South Coast we have plenty of great locations around us and I have really come to love our walks exploring the wonderful countryside and coastline. 

There is something about being outdoors that soothes the soul and we can often find ourselves talking for hours on end as we stomp around the countryside. I also love how friendly everyone is whilst out walking - it is so lovely to stop and say hello to a stranger whilst out on a walk. It really is good for the soul to connect with yourself, nature and those around you whilst outdoors with no other distractions. 

Tip #5 - Experiment with Food

With more time at the weekend I like to have fun with my meals and will often try a new recipe or dish as I have more time to myself.

I love cooking and I love eating even more and sometimes find thinking about what I am going to eat next almost as exciting as actually eating it!

There is something very calming about cooking, I will often have a playlist or podcast on in the background whilst I cook and find it a great way to switch off. 

Taking time with your food is always a good idea, whether that is cooking something new or simply slowing down your meal time so you really focus on what you are eating. Practising being mindful at mealtimes is such a great way to press pause on your day and really savour the moment.

Tip #6 - Practise Self Care

I like to practise self care daily, however at the weekends, when I have a bit more time I really like to focus on taking care of myself and my body.

This ranges from making sure I am eating a nutritious and balanced diet, to prioritising sleep as well as taking some time for myself to treat my skin and body. 

Each week I like to pop on a face mask, run a bath and soak my hair in various lotions. I may read or catch up on a boxset or YouTube video. Sometimes I do absolutely nothing other than soak in the tub and listen to music. 

Tip #7 - Claim your Downtime

Everyone likes to relax in different ways so it’s about finding the routine or ritual that works for you. For some it’s about catching up on the latest boxset, others like to read. Some like to catch up with friends over a long lunch, for you it might be getting a workout in, going for a walk or taking a long bath. 

As the world starts to reopen and life begins to get busier again don’t feel you need to sacrifice those periods of quiet if you find them beneficial. It’s completely okay to want to protect your space and time in the ways that feel most healthy to you. 

Claim your time as you see fit and priorities the habits and routines that mean the most to you. 

Eleanor Louise Haigh is a Lifestyle & Wellness Blogger who shares Lifestyle, Style, Wellness & Beauty on her Instagram and Website.


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