Our cheesiest submission yet! - The Grocer Awards

Our cheesiest submission yet! - The Grocer Awards

July 10, 2023 | Grace Walsh

Hey there, we have submitted our Mac & Cheese pots to The Grocer Awards!

In a world where convenience and flavour often clash, at Kabuto we have embarked on a mission to revolutionise the realm of pot pasta. As we eagerly submit our product for consideration in The Grocer Awards, we express our noodling hopes of being recognised as winners. Our new range has breathed new life into a universally loved dish, bringing together convenience, taste, and a touch of Asian flair. Let's delve into what makes our submission stand out and how it came to be.

What is new and clever about the product?

Kabuto has taken the concept of pot pasta and given it a modern twist. Gone are the days of disappointing crunchy macaroni and lacklustre sauces. Our Easy Peasy Cheesy pots are a delightful concoction of soft, squishy pasta tubes, mixed with the creamiest sauce and a tangy dash of Sriracha, introducing authentic Asian flavours to a previously underrated supermarket shelf. 
Traditionally known for our 'posh pot noodles,' we have ventured into the realm of pasta meals. These pots of goodness are perfect for Mac n' Cheese obsessives and busy individuals seeking a quick and delectable meal. You can indulge in the ultimate comfort food heaven in just four minutes.

What's really clever and new about it?

When exploring the pot pasta aisle, we noticed its underdeveloped nature. Drawing from our experience of shaking up categories and introducing cool new products where they belong, we sought to fill the gap with Kabuto's Mac & Cheese range. Priced at a reasonable £1.50, we wanted to make this treat accessible to all. Our product requires minimal thought or effort, as it can be easily prepared with a microwave, ensuring convenience without compromising taste. Moreover, we pride ourselves on using only 100% natural ingredients, making our pots a guilt-free pleasure.

How we developed this cheesy range:

Our journey to create this exceptional pot pasta began with the realisation that the instant mac and cheese available in supermarkets often fell short of expectations. We were determined to revitalise and reinvent this beloved dish. Drawing from our success in the realm of noodles, we set out to perfect pot pasta, resulting in the birth of our very cheesy range.
Our team dedicated considerable time to scouring supermarkets, sampling various products to identify areas for improvement. We wanted to inject a sense of excitement into this somewhat mundane category. We paid close attention to customer reviews on multiple retailer websites, where dried pasta products were often criticised for their taste, described as ‘tasting like sick’ or ‘never buying this again’; This inspired us to rise to the challenge of reshaping perceptions surrounding quick pasta meals.
At Kabuto, we take pride in producing a product that brightens someone's day. We believe that everyone deserves a warm, fulfilling, and occasionally indulgent treat. Our Mac & Cheese pots infuse the convenience food market with adventurous flavours without breaking the bank. By combining convenience with exceptional taste, we have found a way to satisfy the cravings of mac and cheese enthusiasts while injecting a touch of happiness into their daily lives. With an impressive 12g of protein per serving, our filling and satisfying pot is free from additives, preservatives, and artificial colours. Moreover, all Kabuto products are now 100% vegetarian, catering to a wider range of dietary preferences.
As we eagerly await the results of The Grocer Awards, we extend our gratitude to all who have supported us on this journey. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our innovative approach to pot pasta and its potential to transform the way people perceive quick and convenient meals. So, here's to a future filled with more exciting flavours, delightful surprises, and a continued commitment to delivering the very best in noodles!


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