Hey Noodle lover! Does our rebrand hit the s(pot)?

Hey Noodle lover! Does our rebrand hit the s(pot)?

May 20, 2022 | Holly Mansfield

It's not just a new look! We have worked hard to become the only pot in the category to be 100% recyclable! PLUS we are now 100% veggie friendly!

At our core, we are still the same company. Experimental home chefs and personalisation will always lead the charge, but we saw room for improvement.

A 100% Veggie HFSS compliant range with category-leading recyclable packaging was born! The new pots feature snazzy new imagery with serving suggestions in hopes you will pour out those noods and get creative in the kitchen.

Crispin has something to tell you!:

“Our focus for 2022 is on repositioning Kabuto to make it easier for consumers to ‘trade-up’ into a premium space in a category that has traditionally been perceived as unhealthy. All-natural ingredients, no MSG, and a restaurant-style ramen experience will be easier to achieve with our quality pots and recipe ideas, brought straight to the consumer on packaging via striking visuals. 

Over time, we plan to change perceptions of the instant noodle category and the first step is to show that our noodle pots can be personalised into something delicious, nutritious and exciting: everything we do is rooted in bringing a fresh taste to the table.

This isn’t a category that should be stagnant - it’s time to evolve and cater to the wants of an ever-increasing health-conscious, environmentally-conscious foodie customer. Switching to 100% Vegetarian recipes was part of this strategy.

We hope our plans for 2022 - coupled with our seriously great-tasting noodles - will bring new customers to the category, and invigorate and excite our existing fans.”

We know you care about your noodles and the environment, so we hope you love the switch up as much as we do here at Kabuto HQ.


Click here to see the new pots!: https://www.kabutonoodles.com/noodles/products?category=Pots

New recipe imagery on-pack taken by David Lidbetter https://www.davidlidbetter.com 

All pots manufactured in the UK 

For more information, imagery, samples and interviews with Crispin Busk please contact Joanne@joannebaird.com // 07814 267444

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