Becoming a B Corp

Becoming a B Corp

October 01, 2021 | Holly Mansfield

We've started our B Corp journey

Over lockdown we took some time to think more about how we can improve what we do & how we operate. We were aware of some brands we like & respect like Finisterrer, Patagonia & Pukka who were putting a lot of time & effort into becoming B Corp certified & wanted to find out more about it.

B Corporation certification of "social and environmental performance" is a private certification of for-profit companies, basically saying that as well as just making money, companies need to give equal importance & consideration to how they operate – from treating staff & suppliers correctly to being aware of the company's impact on the planet, and many other things that add up to a true picture of a responsible company.

At Kabuto, we like to feel like we do things differently, our own way, leaving out the corporate b*%$@^!s & being one of the good guys, but we needed to check that the story we were telling ourselves was true!

We believe in putting out great products; building honest relationships with our customers; working with our suppliers; having great staff & helping them grow; giving something back; doing the right thing for the planet. We make work & life fit together as they should. We’re going to do great work, but we’re going to surf when the surf’s good, we’re going to hang out with our kids & friends.

We’re going to enjoy it – but at the deeper level of enjoyment: having principles, purpose & goals and delivering against them.

It felt like at heart we have B Corp values but, as a small team of 6, we needed to formalise our feelings and make ‘The Kabuto Way’ official by becoming a B Corp.

One thing we have learnt is that becoming a B Corp is a slow and steady process that requires the whole team to pull together and formalise what is important to our customers, each of team Kabuto as individuals but also as a team.

We’re currently going through the B Corp certification process; making sure we make every ‘Kabuto Way’ official, commit to implementing the practices that are important to us and to our customers and adopting new ‘ways’ to ensure we’re doing everything right for the world, our suppliers, our customers and our team!

Stay tuned as we can’t wait to officially announce that we are B Corp certified and share more about our ways of bettering the world!


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