Upcycle your pot before you recycle as a plant pot

Recycle the Kabuto way! (French Market)

February 01, 2023 | Grace Walsh

How we recycle! - Make the most of your pots!


It is important to segregate your recyclables! Remove the cardboard sleeve and foil lid from your plastic pot. Good job Samurai, you are learning.


The cardboard sleeve and aluminium lid are recycled in the yellow bin with your other mixed recyclables and should be flattened before being thrown away. When recycled, cardboard is pulped and used to make new paper and cardboard products. Aluminium can be crushed and melted down, ready for new production. Pretty cool right?

Step Three: PLASTIC

Now for the main event! We recommend you rinse out your pot before placing this with the other elements in your yellow bin. You have officially recycled your Kabuto pot in the best way possible! Good work Samurai! Your pot is on its way to its new life.

Not finished yet? Do you want more tips?

  • Reduce: Less waste means less time spent recycling. Why not take your reusable bag to the supermarket to save on excess waste? We know you have a cupboard full of bags under the sink right?

  • Opt for the sustainable side of life!: Some household essentials are available in biodegradable form, which are eco-friendly and affordable. Some options include bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo wipes, and biodegradable diapers.

  • Do your research, Samurai!: When you move to a new area, familiarise yourself with their recycling rules. Educate yourself on your local recycling system.

  • Reuse your pots!: They make great pen holders, plant pots? the opportunities are endless with this little pot of joy!



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