Improving Our Impact On The Planet

Improving Our Impact On The Planet

October 04, 2021 | Holly Mansfield

Planet saving packaging changes

At Kabuto we are on a constant journey to evaluate our impact on the planet through everything we do, from getting the crew to the office to the materials used to package our delicious noodles. This often means changing things when we find a more sustainable way of doing things.

We have recently submitted our B Corporation accreditation application and through that journey we realised we had to make a change to our shelf ready packaging for a number of reasons, which is why you will no longer see our cardboard boxes on shelf.

Previously we have used corrugated cardboard to box up our noodles, so we can get them to the supermarkets in one piece. However, we found that these weren’t all that great. Yes, they are 100% recyclable, but they were only made from 66% recycled cardboard and weigh 155g each which is heavy, for packaging, and uses more fuel to transport.

So, after a lot of research on environmentally friendly packaging, you will now see our new flow wrapped Recycled PET tray on the supermarket shelves, ensuring every single part of our pot and packaging is as sustainable as can be.

By changing to this new form of packaging we are significantly reducing our impact on the planet vs using corrugated cardboard. Plus, with the weight reduction, we will be significantly reducing our carbon footprint through deliveries through every part of our supply chain.

So, whilst it might be scary to see more plastic on the shelf, we can reassure you that this is 100% more environmentally friendly than before!

What’s more, we will always be reviewing our packaging, as technology progresses, to ensure we’re using the most up to date and sustainable materials!


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