EGG MONTH: Eggs in Asian cuisine - Let's get cracking!

EGG MONTH: Eggs in Asian cuisine - Let's get cracking!

April 17, 2023 | Grace Walsh

Eggs are a staple ingredient in Asian cuisine and they can be found in countless dishes. From omelettes to soups to desserts, eggs are used in a wide variety of ways. But have you ever stopped to think about how quirky eggs can be in Asian cooking? Well, hold onto your yolks because we’re about to crack some jokes about eggs in Asian cuisine.

Let’s start with egg drop soup. You know, that classic Chinese soup where you whisk eggs and then pour them into a simmering broth to create delicate strands. We’ve all been there, trying to make those perfect egg ribbons and feeling like we’re in some kind of egg Olympics. Well, it turns out that egg drop soup is actually an ancient Chinese form of competitive cooking. That’s right, it’s like the Olympics, but with eggs. So next time you’re making egg drop soup, remember to channel your inner athlete and aim for gold.

Speaking of competitions, have you ever heard of the Japanese dish, omurice? It’s essentially a fried rice omelette that’s often served with ketchup. And get this, there’s actually a competition in Japan called the Omurice World Cup. That’s right, people would compete to see who can make the best omurice. Who knew eggs and rice could be so competitive?

Moving on to Korea, we have the infamous Korean egg bread. You know, that street food snack where they pour batter into a mould, crack an egg in the centre, and then bake it until it’s fluffy and golden brown. Well, rumour has it that the egg bread mould was actually invented by a group of aliens who were trying to replicate the perfect egg shape. Apparently, they got lost on their way to Earth and landed in Korea! But hey, if aliens are going to visit any country for their egg-shaped creations, Korea is definitely the place to go.

Now let’s talk about tamagoyaki, that sweet and savoury Japanese rolled omelette that’s often served with rice. You might think that the name tamagoyaki comes from the Japanese words for egg (tamago) and omelette (yaki), but actually, it’s a reference to the fact that this dish was invented by a group of samurai who were trying to make a weapon out of eggs. That’s right, they were trying to create an egg-shaped shuriken (a type of Japanese throwing star) that could be used in battle. Unfortunately, their attempts were unsuccessful and they ended up creating the delicious tamagoyaki instead.

Last but not least, let’s talk about Chinese tea eggs. You know, those boiled eggs that are cracked and then simmered in a mixture of tea, soy sauce, and spices to create a beautiful marbled pattern. Well, it turns out that tea eggs were an invention by chickens who were tired of laying boring white eggs. They decided to spice things up by cracking their eggs and then soaking them in a flavorful tea mixture. And thus, the tea egg was born.

So there you have it, folks. Eggs in Asian cuisine can be funny, competitive, and even extraterrestrial. The next time you’re cooking with eggs, take a moment to appreciate their quirky and humorous side. Who knows, you might just crack yourself up.

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