Big Box, Big Flavour!

Big Box, Big Flavour!

October 09, 2023 | Holly Mansfield

Taste just got supersized! Normally known for ‘Posh Pot Noodles’, Bristol-based Kabuto now makes mega tasty Mac n’Cheese as well - and fans have been loving it!  This month a brand new flavour goes live:  a zingy yet creamy Kabuto Mac n’Cheese Korean BBQ.

It’s a big box full of even bigger flavour - oozy gooey cheesy goodness, mixed with the unmistakable hotness of Korean cuisine, set to tantalise the tastebuds and bring some fun to your feasts. Korean food has splurged in popularity in the last few years, but this was a combo we didn’t think anyone saw coming!

One Box’ of Korean BBQ will contain 2 servings, a perfectly sized portion for a cosy night in. Seriously great Mac n’Cheese with seriously great ingredients, Kabuto want to create adventurous meals that don’t break the bank, inspired by world cuisines. Mac n’Cheese heaven will be yours in just 6 minutes - you’ll need a hob for extra cosy creaminess. 

Although the Mac is utterly delicious on its own, Team Kabuto wants you to get creative: why not try them mixed with pulled meats, a kimchi garnish or some stir-fried veggies? More recipe ideas will be loaded to social media over the upcoming weeks, and the box itself has more ways to get creative with Kabuto too.

Using 100% natural ingredients, containing no additives, preservatives or artificial colours, Mac N’Cheese has been created for families and busy people looking for a premium pasta pot. All Kabuto products are now 100% Vegetarian to cater for Veggie and flexitarian lifestyles too.  

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A feast for your eyes

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